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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back to School Handmade Cloth Napkin Giveaway with Raising Green Kids

Napkins Dinner Reusable Chevron Navy Blue Light Blue Set of 6
Summer is almost over, it's time for children to go back to school and another giveaway from Raising Green Kids Etsy Shop!  Raising Green Kids is committed to helping families make healthy and sustainable choices.  Raising Green Kids carries felted wool dryer balls, unpaper towel sets, reusable birthday and holiday decorations, flaxseed owie bags, lavender laundry sachets, and cloth napkins. 
 Products such as paper towels and paper napkins create a lot of waste and use up a lot of resources, using reusable items is a great way to save money and waste in your home and at school.  Pack your child's lunch with cloth lunch napkins  and use unpaper towels when cleaning up breakfast and dinner spills. All products are handmade and affordable!

Raising Green Kids is giving away a set of 6 chevron cloth napkins (pictured on the left) just enter the rafflecopter form below and check out some more products from Raising Green Kids
Napkins Eco friendly Reversible Lime green circles set of 4Reusable Cloth UnPaper Towels with Snaps Orang white large chevron Set of 10Owie bags, Ouchie Bags, Natural Hot/Cold Therapy Packs Flaxseed filled green blue brown yellow

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

We have been Volunteering at the Richmond SPCA this Summer!

There are not too many volunteering opportunities for younger children to volunteer in the area.  Both my daughters love animals so I was very excited to find out that children 7 and older can volunteer with a parent at the Richmond SPCA.
To become a volunteer you must attend one of their introductory 2 hour courses which they run about once a month.  After that you will need to decide what type of volunteering you would like to do.  Most dog and cat interactive jobs require another course before you are able to volunteer with the animals.  They also require that you volunteer at least 6 hours a month.

Since I was bringing my 2 girls with me each time we decided to only volunteer for the in-house jobs.  There are several in-house jobs that allow children to interact with the animals.  The jobs that were most appealing to us are kitty calming, waterer, kong stuffer, and kitten nursery.

Our first job was kitty calming which the pictures posted here are from.  We got the cat catillion rooms ready before the SPCA opened to the public.  We swept the room, groomed the cats, cleaned the litter boxes, wiped windows, and cleaned other surfaces.  overall it was a really fun volunteering experience! My girls are looking forward to going back next week.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yard Gard ECOKILL Inspect Spray Review and Giveaway

ECOKILL Insect Spray

I was recently contacted by Yard Gard to review one of their products.  I choose to review their ECOkill Insect Spray since we  have a vegetable garden and we have a variety of flies, spiders, Japanese beetles, and crickets that roam our yard.  We also have 2 energetic girls and 2 energetic cats that love to be outside.
We do not spray anything on our yard that can be harmful to our children and our pets.  Following the directions, I sprayed ECOkill where I have seen critters on our plants.  I went back to check a few days later and could not find any critters on the plants.  The Spray bottle is easy to use and covers a large area.

Yard Gard carries several natural lawn and yard products: Armadillo reppellent, mole reppellent, ECOkill insect Spray, and multi animal reppellent.

Here is a little bit more about ECOKILL from the Yard Gard website:

Yard Gard ECOKILL organic insect killer is for outdoor use on home lawns and gardens. Our all natural spray is eco-friendly friendly using only organic ingredients. It is safe for use around children and pets and can be applied to plants the same day of harvest so that you can eat you produce without the danger of poisions and other harmful prodcuts. Ecokill will not harm the environment while still giving you effective insect control. Our product does not kill bees that help pollinate your garden. With ECOKILL you can effectively garden worry free! 
Yard Gard ECOKILL organic insect killer kills a variety of caterpillars, moths, flies, spiders and other bugs including army worm, Japanese beetle, cut worm, diamond back moth, squash borer, loopers, crickets, grass hoppers, aphids, snails, earwigs, leafhopper, locust, spiders, leaf-footed bug, Lycaenidae moth, leaf miner, roaches, chinch bug, nematodes, and more! Take your garden to the next level while still protecting the things you love. With Ecokill you can effectively protect your lawn and garden without polluting the soil or causing harm to you lawn and family. 
- Environmentally safe
- Safe for use around children and pets
- Non-toxic
- For Organic Gardening
- All Natural Insecticide or All Natural Insect Killer
- Kills by Contact and repels
Yard Gard has gracesiously offered to give away 6 bottles of ECOKILL to my readers.  That's right- 6 different winners.  Those are some great odds!  Enter the rafflecopter form below and you will have a chance to win!

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