. RaisingGreenRichmondKids: We have been Volunteering at the Richmond SPCA this Summer!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

We have been Volunteering at the Richmond SPCA this Summer!

There are not too many volunteering opportunities for younger children to volunteer in the area.  Both my daughters love animals so I was very excited to find out that children 7 and older can volunteer with a parent at the Richmond SPCA.
To become a volunteer you must attend one of their introductory 2 hour courses which they run about once a month.  After that you will need to decide what type of volunteering you would like to do.  Most dog and cat interactive jobs require another course before you are able to volunteer with the animals.  They also require that you volunteer at least 6 hours a month.

Since I was bringing my 2 girls with me each time we decided to only volunteer for the in-house jobs.  There are several in-house jobs that allow children to interact with the animals.  The jobs that were most appealing to us are kitty calming, waterer, kong stuffer, and kitten nursery.

Our first job was kitty calming which the pictures posted here are from.  We got the cat catillion rooms ready before the SPCA opened to the public.  We swept the room, groomed the cats, cleaned the litter boxes, wiped windows, and cleaned other surfaces.  overall it was a really fun volunteering experience! My girls are looking forward to going back next week.

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  1. This is fabulous! Your children look like they are on a great path to responsibility, success, and happiness! Great job, mom!